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The Sparrow
     I gaze out of my looming tower. Skid marks and litter decorate the highway, illuminated by the golden street lamps. The wind is steady, judging by the various flags that sway back and forth, some representing countries I've never even heard of.
     For me, this is one of those places I'd want to visit, but one that can make you grow homesick as well. And it would also be nice to be visiting under different circumstances. But, hey, you don't ask for the not-so-pleasant things life throws at you. They hit you, and you take them (whether you like it or not). Non refundable. Sure you can ask why, and perhaps eventually you'll get an answer; but that's never a guarantee while you're still on Earth. I guess if we never experienced not-so-pleasant things we wouldn't truly and fully know how to be happy, grateful, joyful, or enjoy the pleasant things.
     I sit on the bed that magically pulls out from the teal co
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Take A Stand Project :iconnarniamushroom02:narniamushroom02 2 5 earth :iconnarniamushroom02:narniamushroom02 3 11
It Takes Two.
     The room was quiet. The surreality of it all was overwhelming. A pen dropped; I heard each clank it made as it made its spring dance on the floor before coming to a stop. The tight silence of the room was now allowed to continue.
     The preacher's words echoed and bounced off each of the four walls in that old, country church fellowship hall. The smell of mildew and old tile that had been run across by a hundred Sunday School children over the past 10 years resonated in the air. I could almost suffocate from it. The awkwardness I could physically feel wasn't helping any either. Fellowship hall was what everyone called the kitchen and dining area; it was certainly a room of fellowship with one another. Lately though, voices were hushed. They weren't supposed to speak when we were in the room; didn't want us hearing them, I guess.
     I could hear the whispers behind me though. None of them were paying any
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Commonplace Depression
Jess lay in a curled heap in the center of her bed.
When her depression came on, it wasn't a crushing sense of despair or a cloud of hopelessness. It was like a bath cooling—starting out hot, then temperate, and then this disgusting room temperature that was completely useless.
She always knew it when it came. Knowing it didn't give any feeling like being able to deal with it. She would look through her twitter, and read through the lives of celebrities who would never know she existed. Her tumblr dashboard seemed to be saying that all her friends could simply do without her. Facebook held no positive interaction, like every single friend was in-name-only, like she was nothing but just a facebook friend too them.
Pastels, acrylics, and chalks lay neglected. Her brushes were clean and untouched. She had no artistic impulse or creative inspiration at these times. Somehow, the inability and unworthiness to create made it worse. Tainted the water so there wouldn't be a point in heatin
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In the night with a kid
"So then I was like 'No, trinity has nothing to do with God, it has everything to do with my friends,' and the teacher was all—"
"Miss Vicky?" choked out the little boy Vicky was babysitting. Somewhere in the Babysitter's Compendium of Tricks, the word "choked" registered in the BAD column, and she assured her conversational partner that she would call right back.
"How ya doin' buddy?" she said, rolling off the couch to land on all fours next to the glass coffee table and face a child in Digimon pajamas.
"I can't find my tissues," he said in a mucus-clogged voice.
"Oh no," the babysitter said, reaching to pick him up, but he evaded. "Well, let's see if we can't find them, huh?"
"I already looked," he replied, having mastered at a very young age the art of Not Putting Up With Your Shit.
"Then tell ya what," she said, turning towards the kitchen. "I'll heat some water so you can have some tea, and while you watch the water I'll look for myself, kay?" He r
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You're goin' ta ruin Thanksgivin'!
"Mom, for the love of God, it's not stripping."
"You're takin' your clothes off for money, aren't you?" A semester's worth of diction classes made Tilly notice the lack of "r"s in her mother's pronunciation of words. "Takin' off your clothes so they can lookit'chu! So they can have pictures of you!" Nope, not an "r" in the house, unless you counted the rating of the conversation (for mild nudity and some adult content).
"So they can draw… pictures of me." She drew out the word. She liked the feeling of a good ah in her mouth. "And I got a full class credit for it too—a credit towards my major, I didn't have to pay for the class because it was extra after my course load, no books, no supplies. No cost, just rewards."
"Oh, so I suh-pose you'_e puh-rroud of disgracin' our family like that? This is what we get for sending you to a Liberal Arts College! Puh-rancin' around nekkid with a bunch of artists!"
"Actually, the
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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hello!! You can call me Chany (my art name), and I am here enjoying art and on my way to become a better artist.

I love art in its many forms. I like drawing, painting, photography, design, writing, and film; but I love trying and learning new things. I love storytelling, especially through traditional and digital art and through writing and film.

"For with God all things are possible." ~Mark 10:27

Current Residence: Zutaraian Empire
Favourite genre of music: Christian, Classical, Japanese
Favourite photographer: so many!! but I love zemotion's work
Favourite style of art: sketchy, semi-realistic but still has the "animated" feel
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: seashell
Wallpaper of choice: sakura blossoms
Favourite cartoon character: Zuko, Toph, Dr.Doppler (Treasure Planet)
Personal Quote: "You don't know what tomorrow holds, but you know Who holds tomorrow." (from Lady in Waiting)
Never abandoned your account and decide a year later to log back in. Phew...I feel the need to clean the dust and clutter that has become my dA account. 
Thank you for all comments, fans, and the suchlike. I really do appreciate it (even if I haven't been here ^^; )

Second dA account (focusing more on photography) - :iconjaclyndoodles:
tumblr -
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